Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Christmas pics and more

Finally, I'm posting more pictures from Christmas. These two are from Christmas morning of Daddy and Hagen reading one of his new books from Santa. Hagen is also holding onto toys he got from his stocking.

Here is our future keyboard player at practice. We found this awesome keyboard at the KB Toy Outlet and it also has a microphone that he can talk into and he LOVES it.

Here's video of him playing with the keyboard. Shawn and I tell him to say "Hellloooooo, Allen!" and stuff like that. I'll tell him to say "This next one goes out to Daddy" and it ends up being "na ga Daddy" or something to that effect and we are quite amused by that.

Hagen was looking at pictures of himself after Granddad took some shots (Hagen has to see the pictures as soon as they're taken). I love the belly shot in the second one!

Granddad and Hagen reading together...

This was one picture we took after all the attempted Christmas card photo shots (which, actually, there weren't very many of - we got a good one after about 5 shots!).

This is the centerpiece I put together for the table for Christmas. I was very proud of it, thank you very much! Flowers from Kroger: $10. Frozen cranberries: $2 (I'm guessing). Crystal vase: not sure - was an anniversary gift from my husband. Feeling proud of myself because I actually did something creative and it turned out decent: priceless. :-)

Chillin' in his fold-up chair that Opa and Oma bought for him.

The day before Christmas, Daddy went out back and raked together a big pile of leaves for Hagen to jump in. He was very skeptical about jumping into the leaves at first - he had more fun playing with the rake. He eventually got into the leaves a little bit after Mommy and Daddy jumped around in them (woo-hoo!!) but still, the rake was more fun.

Posing with a dustpan and brush after helping me sweep the floor. After he ate dinner that night there were some crumbs on the floor so I got the dustpan and swept them up. After I was done I put the dustpan back in the pantry. A few seconds later Hagen went over to the pantry (I thought he was still hungry even though there's no way he could have been!), got the dustpan back out and started sweeping the floor! Sometimes I worry that my OCD is rubbing off on him because now he's copying me. Oh, well - at least he'll be neat.

These are just a couple of shots I really like because he looks so grown-up to me. The second one is his "homey" look...with the jingle bell...and Dora the Explorer ("Do-wa!!!") tattoo...tough guy!!

We went to Elliott's Hardware a few days after Christmas. He had a blast climbing on the ladders!

Proudly wearing the Happy New Year hat he made at daycare (well, I'm sure the teachers did most of the work and he just helped by sprinkling the glitter on or something). Anyway, he liked it and I thought it was cute, of course!

Friday, January 4, 2008

Happy New Year!

Hello and Happy New Year! We hope everyone had a great Christmas and New Year! Below are some pictures from Christmas that my dad took. Hagen was really into Christmas this year - he did great opening presents and he LOVES Christmas lights - we still have to turn the tree on every morning and night or he gets upset. We'll see how it goes taking it all down this weekend...

Yes, I know it looks like Hagen is picking his nose in the third picture but my dad promises that's not it...after careful analysis of the photo he said Hagen is playing with the jingle bell he got from school (that he had to wear around his neck for about a week).

These are a couple of the other pictures Shawn took when we were getting a shot for the Christmas card. The second one is the full shot before we cropped it for the card. Hagen loves to point out the ornaments he knows on the tree: "no-maa" (snowman), "ball", "ockey" (hockey players), "bear" followed by a growl (there are a couple of teddy bears), "no-fay" (snowflake). And of course he points out the lights - "liiights!". You can tell we have a small child in the house because the tree isn't decorated on the bottom. :-)