Tuesday, March 31, 2009

New fish....take 2

To make a long story short, Hagen's fish all died. We decided to just get a betta fish. I have had those in the past and they lived for a couple of years each, so I'm hoping that will be the case with our new fish, Rudolph the Reindeer (yes, Hagen named him...and no, he's not red). He's got it made in the tank all by himself. He's really pretty and I hope he will live a long, happy life!!

This is the morning after his haircut this past weekend. Hagen did REALLY well getting his hair cut this time. We went to a different place, and Opa and Oma were with us, too. He did cry in the beginning but didn't fight it as much and eventually was just sort of whimpering but not fidgeting and struggling.

Hagen had been wanting to sleep with one of the pillows from the couch so we thought it was time to get him a toddler pillow. We got the pillow then went and got a bedset from Target. We haven't converted the daybed to a regular bed yet, but the sheets look really cute and he likes them. He looks so cute and grown-up sleeping under the covers, using a pillow . One night he had on McQueen pajamas, was in his bed with the McQueen sheets, and he also has a big McQueen pillow and calendar in his room. I told him it looked like his bedtime was sponsored by Cars.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

I can't believe it's been more than a month since I last posted!!!

I hadn't realized it had been so long! Here's what's been happening with us.

First of all, a couple of weeks ago, Hagen's teacher at school asked if we had any underwear for him. I said we did have some I had bought recently but hadn't opened them yet. She said she wanted to start trying him in underwear and PullUps at school because she thought he was ready. We've been slowly potty training and he was using it every now and then to pee, but I hadn't thought about trying the underwear yet. The first couple of days in his underwear he had poop accidents, but after a few days Miss April said they didn't even put a PullUp on him for nap - they left him in his underwear and he woke up dry and went potty! We are still having poop issues, but he goes peepee in the potty just fine and we're taking him more often now. It's a slow process, but he LOVES his big boy underwear and is very proud of it! We are using PullUps most of the time, and he only wears a diaper at night now. Big boy!!!

Here is Hagen with his golf bag and clubs. Opa actually bought him a real toddler-sized putter (he also bought Hagen the toy golf bag and clubs), and it's called a "Hagen Junior" - some famous golfer apparently has the last name of Hagen and made the line of kids' golf stuff, so of course Opa had to buy that for him. :-)

I LOVE that all he has on is a diaper on socks while he's golfing.

Concentrating very hard on coloring.

One weekend we took out the Blue Angels kite that Opa bought for Hagen. It was REALLY windy and cold so we only stayed out for a little bit, but it was fun. We'll try again when it's not cold and windy.

We discovered, thanks to our neighbors, a really cool park not too far from us that has a duck pond. We bought a bag of cracked corn at the pet store to feed the ducks with - thanks to Grandmommie's research we are trying to help the ducks by feeding them something healthy because bread is BAD for them. I took Hagen one day, but unfortunately all the ducks were already stuffed so they weren't coming over. There was this one, though, all by himself, so we decided to see if he was hungry. I was really proud of Hagen - he wasn't scared to approach the duck. We went last weekend and got a better response and it was fun. There is also a really cool playground and fishing pier - it's a neat park.