Monday, September 26, 2011

Kindergarten projects

Hagen has already had a couple of projects since starting Kindergarten. The first was over the Labor Day holiday; they were talking about families in school and they had a homework project to do a family tree. Now, when I first head of said project, part of me panicked. I was thinking, how big is this project?? Do we need a bunch of pictures?? How far back will this go?? Can we get this done in the time frame we have?? Turns out it was a drawing of a big tree with spots for the child's name, sibling(s), and parents...I was WAY overthinking it. Hagen finished it at Mom and Dad's house in about 15 minutes over Labor Day in Glen Rose.

See? Mommy WAY overreacted.

On Friday, Hagen brought home a piece of paper that said he would be his class' MVP next week. That means the child has to put together information about him/herself on posterboard and present it to his/her class. The poster gets displayed on the Kindergarten hall the rest of the week, I believe. That night Hagen and I went over some of the suggestions from his teacher of what to put on his poster and we wrote down some ideas. Over the weekend we printed out pictures, photos, and Hagen did the writing - and VOILA! He was very proud of his poster and even a little nervous about having to present it to his class, so we rehearsed it. How freaking cute is that???

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Around the house

Here are some really random pictures from August. I try to take a lot of photos of Brodie as I think back to how often I was runnning for the camera when Hagen was little...I don't want Brodie to be asking me someday, "Hey, Mom, how come there aren't very many pictures of me when I was a baby??". I'm trying.

One day when Brodie was in the Intellitainer, Hagen started dancing to the music and being goofy. As always, Brodie was completly fascinated by his brother's antics and I loved how he was leaning back just staring at him. And of course Hagen was eating it up.

These pictures remind me a LOT of Hagen when he was this age...probably because Brodie is wearing one of Hagen's old onesies...and he's on the same blanket that Hagen would play on...and Mocha is there, juuuuust out of reach.