Tuesday, January 19, 2010


I thought I put this on the last post but I guess I deleted it by accident. Opa and Oma gave Shawn and Hagen these shirts for Christmas and I think they are so cute. :-)

Friday, January 8, 2010

Merry Christmas and a lot of other things!

Here are some of the pictures we took of Hagen for the Christmas card. At first he told me we were allowed to take one picture, but luckily he let us take more. Oh, and the presents under the tree were wrapped by Grandmommie...not me.

This is a coloring page that Grandmommie printed out for Hagen. He spent two nights coloring it with markers and did an awesome job - he even colored the little detailed patterns in the gifts. I was so amazed and proud of him! He really loves coloring again and likes to use markers. He really takes his time and does a good job. The down side is that sometimes he gets really hard on himself and gets upset if he barely goes outside the lines, but that's actually getting better now. Hopefully we've told him "it's okay!" enough that he finally believes us.

We have been to many more Americans game since the first one. This particular game is one I took Hagen to and we got there kind of early. One of the ushers let us go up to the entrance of the ice then told us we could see the players as they came out of the tunnel to practice. One came out first and I asked Hagen if he would let me take his picture with him, but Hagen was totally in awe and overwhelmed. I asked the guy if I could take his picture and he was fine with that. He tried to give Hagen a fist-bump but Hagen shook his head. He told me later the hockey player was really tall and I told him it's because he had his skates on. I guess it was a little intimidating for him if you look at it from his perspective! I took pictures of the other players as they were lined up to come out. It was neat.

We had a full house at Christmas and it was a lot of fun! Mom and Dad gave Hagen a Fisher Price digital camera and Hagen LOVED it. He started taking pictures of EVERYTHING in the room - I said it looked like he was taking pictures for insurance purposes. :-)

Hagen helped me decorate gingerbread cookies the day before Christmas. He outlined this snowflake by himself.
These are the beautiful and yummy cookies that Mom made!

This year Christmas was really fun because Hagen is older and was REALLY into it. He "helped" eveyone open their stockings and was so excited to do that.

We had a white Christmas this year! It snowed Christmas Eve and there was still snow on the ground on Christmas, which was awesome. Hagen, Granddad and I went out back for a little bit and Hagen made a few snowballs and mowed the snow.

This is Hagen's first hockey injury. At one of Shawn's games, Hagen was playing hockey with another little boy and Alex accidentally hit Hagen on the nose with his stick. When Hagen started crying I went over to him and at first didn't see anything so I assumed he was okay. A few seconds later his nose started bleeding so I took him to the bathroom. It really wasn't bad but he was upset so I made him feel better by saying, "Hagen - you got your first hockey injury! That's so cool!!". Then he thought it was neat. Obviously if he had been really hurt I wouldn't have joked but he was fine - it was just a little nosebleed and then he had the little scratch on his nose to prove it.

At one of the recent hockey games we went to the Americans were wearing the throwback Blackhawks jerseys and our friend Brian brought his from when he was a kid to let Hagen wear.

One weekend night Hagen wanted to sleep on the floor in his room. We laid out a blanket for him to sleep on, his pillow, and he wanted to outline his "bed" with all his animals. I thought he might wake up early the next day and maybe not sleep so well, but he slept 12 hours! I took a picture after he had fallen asleep. :-)