Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Yard work

We've done a lot of work in the flower beds the last couple of weekends so I just wanted to share pictures. Shawn placed the solar lights on the ground where he thought they should go before he actually put them in the beds, and he asked Hagen's opinion on each of them. Hagen would pause, study the location of each light, and give Daddy the "ok" to put each one in.

Here are some various pictures of us goofing off. I took a picture of another of Hagen's OCD moments - arranging the little books on Daddy's chair.

Shawn had bought a trailer for my bike for Hagen to ride in (it was my Mother's Day present) and he hooked it up recently and we went for a ride. It was fun! Hagen was kind of staring straight ahead, not saying much, but I would ask if he was okay and he'd say "yeah". I asked at one point if he wanted to go back home and he said no, so I guess he was okay.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Summer pictures

Hagen helped me pick out these periwinkles a couple of months ago at a local nursery. I have to water them every day with pretty much an entire watering can full of water, but they have just exploded and I'm really pleased with them. Hagen helps me water them everyday. When I went outside to take the picture, he wanted me to take his picture, too, so I told him to stand by the flowers.

Here is a little watering can we got on clearance at Target for Hagen. I had alphabet stickers so we put his name on it - he picked the color for each letter. Now when we go outside to water the flowers he has his own special watering can and he gets SO excited to help me! He's a super helper. If Mocha even tries to sniff it, he says, "No, no, Mocha - is MY watering can!".

Whenever Daddy mows the lawn, Hagen also mows inside with his toy mower. He has to wear his Thomas the Train winter hat (because Daddy wears a cap) and one day he wanted to wear the matching mittens, too (because Daddy wears gloves when he mows). It made me laugh that he was wearing a winter hat and mittens inside the house in the summer so he could mow the carpet.