Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Lil Slugger

The summer soccer class ended a couple of weeks ago and we signed Hagen up for the baseball class in its place since he loves baseball so much. He REALLY likes the class and he has to dress the part when we go. The first week is when he wore the Thomas winter hat (that used to be his batting helmet) but now he has a Red Sox batting helmet so he wore that last week with his Red Sox jersey and batting gloves. He takes it very seriously. :-)

Random pictures of daddy and son (and Mocha). Shawn will lie on the floor and pretend he's sleeping and Hagen will tackle him. It's funny.

Sometimes Hagen wants me to put Mocha in his chair while he's eating, and there are times when she even stays for a little while. She was eyeing his Cheerios...

This is our friend Madison, whose dad, Kelly, lives behind us. Madison is very sweet and she and Hagen totally love each other.