Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Uncle Joe, hockey and ice cream

Our friend Joe from Maryland came to visit last weekend (we call him Uncle Joe now). These two pictures are of Hagen at Borders - he wanted to sit in the shopping basket. Also, these pictures and the ones from the Stars game are before his haircut on Sunday; the rest of the pictures were after his haircut. It was getting WAY too long!

Uncle Joe wanted to take Hagen to his first Stars game, so we went to the Stars/Capitals game on Saturday (I guess I should mention that Joe is a Caps fan....). I think overall Hagen liked it, but the only thing is that he kept his ears covered the ENTIRE time, pretty much from the time we sat in our seats to when we left. He even kept his ears covered when I took him out in the hallway for a little bit and it wasn't loud out there at all. He didn't fuss or act scared or anything, he just wouldn't remove his hands from his ears. The one time he started to, and was pointing at the players and commenting, the Stars scored...back went the hands over the ears. He did really well up until the start of the third period and he flat-out said "I wanna go home", so we did. Poor Joe...he came to see the Capitals and they actually ended up winning in overtime. It's probably a good thing we weren't still in the arena because he would have REALLY embarrassed us...

Here are pictures of us at Baskin Robbins after dinner on Sunday. I thought it was so cute that Daddy was sharing his milkshake with Hagen.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Our Five-Year Anniversary

October 18 was our 5-year wedding anniversary. Shawn and I went to Fort Worth for the weekend to celebrate and stayed at the Worthington Hotel on Sundance Square. We were on the 8th floor and had a beautiful view of Sundance Square, including the Bass Hall, from our window. When we got to the room there was a bottle of champagne, chocolate-dipped strawberries, and yellow roses on the table for us. It was really nice. Friday night we went to dinner at Steve Fields' Steak and Lobster House in Plano, then headed to Fort Worth for our weekend away. Our floor in the hotel was a limited-access floor, and there was a little lounge right around the corner from our room that had little tables and chairs, a TV, and a fridge with sodas and water. Saturday night Shawn and I picked up dinner at Uno across the street, then came back and watched the Red Sox game in the lounge (we were the only ones there). It was fun.

This is a picture of a Froot Loop necklace Hagen made at school a couple of weeks ago. I took a picture of it because his teacher, Miss April, said he worked SO hard on it and was so proud of it. I didn't want to save it, obviously, so I wanted to take a picture since he had so much fun with it, according to her. Also, it was his first day back to school from being out sick a few days and he had a rough time that morning, so I was happy when I called to check on him and Miss April said he was having a blast making the necklace.

I wasn't sure about posting pictures of Hagen in his Halloween costume before Halloween is even here, but...well, here they are. He told me he wanted to be a football player for Halloween (big shocker, I know) so I got him the outfit yesterday. He wanted to try it on so I put it on him and he wore it the rest of the night until bathtime, then after his bath he was wearing just the helmet and his diaper. Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture of that. :-) Also that night, our friend Matt and his daughter Madi came over to watch the Stars game. Well, Matt and Madi were supporting New Jersey, and seeing as how we lost to them 5-0, they're not allowed over anymore. Just kidding...I think...

Anyway, Hagen and Madi had so much fun playing together. They were playing football together, and with Hagen's tool bench, and the Retro Rocket. I took this video of them playing with the Rocket - they did this for about 10 minutes or so and it was SO funny. They had a blast. I love the age Hagen is now and that he really interacts with his friends - he and his friends play together now, not just alongside each other.

One more thing - Hagen had said the other week he wanted to be a football player for Halloween, then the other night he suddenly said he wanted to be a skeleton. I don't know where that came from, but I told him I was going to look for his Halloween costume the next day so I would see what I could find. My friend Terri from work went with me to look at costumes yesterday, and they did have a REALLY cute skeleton. I thought it might be okay because it wasn't scary-looking. I thought it was cuter than the football player so I got both and figured I would let him choose. Well, he put on the skeleton first and wore it for a few minutes then wanted it off and said it scared him. Here's a picture of it - isn't it cute??? Oh, well. I returned it today.

Skeleton Kids Costume (Size 3/4)

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Batter up!

Now our little sports boy is into baseball. Here are some pictures of him playing with Daddy. He actually did hit the ball a couple of times, and he has a great batter's stance - I don't even know how he learned that!


For my birthday last month Mom had given me an Audrey Hepburn paper doll signed by the artist and Shawn hung it for me above my Audrey Hepburn calendar in our room. :-)

These are some pictures from story time at the library last week. My boss Marc's wife (also named Stephanie) started going with their two girls (4 months old and 3 years old). I know one of the pictures is blurry, but it was so cute when they posed for Steph. They had a lot of fun together. They have more fun playing with these puzzles and toys before and after the actual story time.

My boss Jenn was a panelist at a conference last week for PINK Magazine. Her mom came up from Houston to go with me and Terri to watch it. Jenn did awesome - it was a neat event. Jenn, Terri and I took a half day last month to go shopping for her outfit - it was fun!

This is the paper doll of Hagen that Mom did. Since it says "the 1st year" I asked if she was going to do one every year...haha.
I call this one "no pictures, please". He really did tell me not to take his picture but I didn't listen. He looked so cute.