Monday, November 9, 2009

Another reason I love living in Allen

The Allen Americans' inaugural home game was Saturday the 7th. We have season tickets with friends and Shawn, Hagen and I were all able to go to the opener (it won't always be the three of us but it worked out this time, luckily). We also got free jerseys for signing up and paying when we did which is totally awesome. It was SO much fun, and it is awesome that it's so close to home and we don't have to fight traffic going home - no highways, no walking 10 miles to your car. It rocks. The sad thing is the Americans lost...but it was still fun. Hagen was really into it - he never seemed to lose interest and we stayed for the entire game.

Before-game practice.

Rolling out the red carpet. These pictures aren't very good but I still wanted to post them.

The players lined up for the National Anthem.

Olympic gold medalist Carly Patterson was there to sing the National Anthem and Hagen and I got our picture taken with her. I am not very happy with this picture of me, but since Carly's in it I had to post it. Hagen wanted to wear his winter hat because he thought it would be really cold but he took it off shortly after we got there.

Carly singing the National Anthem. Again, not a great picture, but there she is!

The first ever face-off on home ice.

No sporting event would be complete without the scantily clad cheerleaders. :-) Here are the Ice Angels. Two of them came up in the stands in our section when it was over and said hello to Hagen.

The Americans gave out these cool wall stickers (like mini Fatheads) that is actually the schedule and Hagen put his up in his room. Isn't that cute??

Here is a video of Sam and Hagen bopping to the music.

Friday, November 6, 2009


Last Friday night we went to the Halloween carnival at daycare. Hagen was Buzz Lightyear this year - he told me awhile ago that he wanted to be Buzz. It was a lot of fun and Hagen was braver than he was last year in participating. The bride next to him in the third picture is Tia, one of his friends at school who is very sweet.

Halloween! Hagen really got into character when he had his costume on. On Halloween night if I called him Hagen he told me, "I'm not Hagen, I'm Buzz Lightyear". When we went trick-or-treating when someone answered the door he would say, "Trick or treat, please". He was really into it this year and every time we asked if he wanted to go home he didn't - he wanted to keep going. He carried his bucket for quite awhile then asked Daddy to carry it because it was getting heavy. At the end of the night, after he took his costume off, I asked him, "where did Buzz Lightyear go? We were hanging out with him all night...hmmm..." and he said, very matter-of-factly, "Mommy, that was just my costume". OHHHHH. :-)