Thursday, December 2, 2010

No Longer Scared of Santa!

We went to see Santa (aka "The Big Guy") at the Village of Allen recently. I was hoping maybe a weeknight would be better as it hopefully wouldn't be so crowded, and it was perfect. I don't think we'll ever go on the weekend again after this! When I picked Hagen up from school I told him we were going to go see Santa if he wanted to. He had a picture he had colored in aftercare and told me he wanted to show it to Santa. When Shawn met us there we went in, and I automatically walked over with Hagen, expecting him to be clingy and very shy. Santa scooped Hagen up onto his lap, and Hagen didn't even complain or look at me! I was SO proud of him. He showed Santa his picture and Santa said he loved it, and gave Hagen a hug. Hagen had written his name on the picture so Santa saw that and said, "Hagen?" and kind of glanced at me, and I nodded. I think Hagen really liked that and it kind of made it seem like Santa knew him. The visit was perfect and we got some great pictures. It was nice being so quiet because Hagen really got some good quality time with The Big Guy and I think that may have helped ease his previous fears. We weren't rushed at all - it was great. No more "Scared of Santa" pictures for us! Well, with Hagen...we'll see how "the newbie" does. :-)