Thursday, September 25, 2008

More September pictures

First of all, I have to say RIP to a favorite pair of shoes. One shoe just completely fell apart - it was barely holding on in the middle. They were Ann Taylor shoes and I loved them but I guess I wore them too much (sniffle). Now, normally I don't post pictures of shoes I'm getting rid of, but I've never had this happen before and I was kind of fascinated (but saddened) by it. Bye-bye, brown shoes. I will miss you. :-(

On to happier are some more shots of Hagen playing hockey, this time in his Pittsburgh Penguins jersey (a present from our friend Matt).

Pictures of Hagen and Daddy in matching Penguins jerseys. They also have matching Penn State jerseys and Red Sox jerseys (I think there are pictures of all those at some point on this site).

He very rarely actually uses this chair that's in his room, so when he was sitting in it looking at a book, I figured I should take a picture. He seems so grown-up to me...and he's not even two-and-a-half...

Some random pictures of Mocha (I have to throw these in every now and then). She likes to sit in the little circle part of the train tracks.

This is an example of what happens when Hagen watches football. He likes to imitate what the players are doing - he takes it very seriously. On Monday night, he was watching the football game with Daddy. He stood on the floor and concentrated very closely on how the players were standing, then when the ball was thrown, he would throw his little football into the kitchen, go chase it, then run back into the living room and fall down (on purpose).

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

School pictures

Last week Hagen had school pictures done and they turned out well. Twin Oaks used a new company that lets you view and order the pictures online, which is a lot easier than how it was done before. Here's the link if you want to see his school picture! :-)
Access code: LN7U-01
Personal Password: 010406

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Labor Day

We went to Glen Rose and Granbury for Labor Day weekend. Mom made me an Audrey Hebpburn cake for my birthday (we celebrated my birthday and Opa's, too) and she wrapped our gifts in Tiffany blue. The cake was SO gorgeous - it was a shame to cut into it! But it not only looked good, it tasted AWESOME, too!! Have I ever mentioned how talented my mom is??

These pictures were taken before church on Sunday. Hagen was wearing his monogrammed Polo shirt that Grandmommie bought him. Yes, he is wearing a little belt...I didn't even think they made belts that small, but they do! And his matched Granddad's...just a tad smaller. ;-)

I think this picture is my new all-time favorite.

Shawn cut down a couple of his older hockey sticks to make them Hagen-sized. Last night Shawn found a street puck so they (and me a little bit) played in the garage. It was so fun! Hagen LOVES playing hockey and it was really fun to watch him play with the real stick.

I don't know why he has this look on his face...I guess it was total concentration.

Here is a video of the hockey game.

While we were at Opa's and Oma's on Sunday afternoon, Hagen was playing with the wooden train set he has at their house. Awhile back Opa bought a bunch of wooden train stuff for Hagen and he LOVES to play with that when we go visit. Grandmommie was helping him, and me, too, except when I was taking pictures. In the background, the "big boys" had an electric train set they were setting up. Lots of Kodak moments here. I love the pictures of the two granddads playing. :-)