Thursday, May 22, 2008


It's Hagen's second birthday today! I can't believe it. He was sitting on the bed eating his Cheerios ("ceree-eree-al") before we went to school and I asked him to say "cheese" for the camera. Happy birthday, big boy!!

Here is a tower of cubes he built by himself - I took a picture because he worked very hard to get the sides perfectly aligned. I figured someone should take a picture to preserve that for him.

Having fun with Daddy!

We went to Glen Rose for Mother's Day weekend. Hagen did some coloring and Grandmommie put a big piece of cardboard under the coloring book and he decorated that, too.

These are some of my favorite pictures. Hagen wanted to play the piano so Grandmommie put him on the piano bench and let him unleash his musical talent. Our favorite part was when he reached up to turn the page in the music book, like he was really reading the music. Heck, for all I know he's a prodigy and he WAS reading it... :-)

Here are two videos of him playing the piano.
These are just some more random, recent pictures. In the bottom two, Hagen was showing Mocha his boo-boo and trying to get her to kiss them.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

The end of tax season and other things

Happy May! On April 15th my bosses (Jenn and Marc), friend and coworker Terri, Shawn, Hagen and I (and Jenn's daughters) all went to Mi Cocina after work to celebrate the end of tax season. Mandy is Jenn's oldest daughter (she's almost 4) and Emma is Hagen's age (born the day after Hagen). Here are some pictures from the evening. At one point Mandy wanted to sit in my lap. Hagen sort of frowned and said "my mommy". He didn't get upset but you could tell he wasn't very happy about it. After a minute or so he went over and sat in Terri's lap. I seriously think he did it to make me jealous.

Jenn and Mandy

Jenn, Mandy and Hagen

Marc, Mandy, Terri and Emma

Mandy and Hagen

Terri and Emma

Shawn and I went to the Bon Jovi concert on April 14th - Marc and Jenn bought us tickets! Jenn had joked awhile back that I wasn't allowed to go because it was the night before our biggest deadline. Later she told me she bought the tickets that same day. :-) It was AWESOME!!

Here are some more pictures of Hagen playing hockey (you know I have to have lots of good pictures to give ESPN when he's in the NHL). Shawn's been showing him how to hold the stick correctly. He always uses the purple stick and gives me the green one. But I'm not allowed to actually play - he's the only one who's allowed to hit the ball.