Monday, April 21, 2008

My baby is growing up

Yesterday Shawn converted Hagen's crib to a daybed. We were thinking about doing it sometime soon but I wasn't quite ready...I mean, Hagen hadn't been giving us any indication that he was ready to move out of his crib but Shawn had quite a few friends whose children were already in "big kid" beds by now so he wanted to try it. So yesterday afternoon Shawn converted the crib. We brought Hagen in after it was done and he climbed into the bed and played around for a little bit and pretended to lie down. He seemed to like it! He has a little stepstool by his crib so he climbed up on that and there's a little bit of space between the side of the crib and the bed rail so he can get in and out by himself. When I put him to bed last night we went through the same routine and I let him climb into bed and it was like nothing changed - he slept just fine, didn't get up during the night (at least, not that I know of...) and slept until I came to get him this morning. And when he woke up he just climbed out of bed like he'd been doing it forever. Then he sat on the stepstool and just smiled. I told him I was SO proud of him. He's so adaptable! We're so lucky.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Easter and other stuff

Well, it didn't snow the day before Easter like it did last year. Our friend Joe from Maryland was visiting that weekend so he joined us for the Easter festivities in Glen Rose/Granbury. I didn't realize how much fun Hagen would have hunting Easter eggs - he would get very excited when he found one. He's still playing with them, too. We're using them for counting - we'll ask how many yellow (or pink, or orange, etc...) eggs there are and he'll count them (it's not much more than three or four right now).

Mom's Easter centerpiece and Hagen's Easter basket - beautiful!

These pictures were taken at Mom and Dad's on Easter in Glen Rose. The boys (Opa, Daddy, Granddad and Hagen) went for a little walk by the pond.

Here are a few pictures of Hagen in his St. Patrick's day shirt - "Mom's Lucky Charm". As in many pictures, Mocha is just nearby enough to be sort of involved but out of arm's reach.

Some pictures hanging out with "Uncle Joe".

My friend Carrie (the Blue-Eyed Bookworm) was visiting from Albuquerque and we went with her and her sister Donna (Mocha's savior!) to The Magic Time Machine in Addison. Donna and Hagen bonded as they walked around and checked out all the cool decor at the restaurant. She had Hagen's caricature done and it was really cute - he was Super Hagen!

This is one of my new favorite videos. Hagen's newest phrase is "right there!" when he's trying to show us something. This started when he wanted a blue cup to drink from one night and Shawn opened the cupboard in which there are MANY Hagen-sized blue cups of different sizes. Shawn was asking which blue cup he wanted and he kept pointing and saying "right THERE!" like Daddy was supposed to know EXACTLY which blue cup he wanted! Now we think it's very amusing when he does it. That is a play hockey stick he's carrying around...we're getting him ready for the NHL. Part of the reason we chose his name is because we thought "Hagen Vorndran" would sound REALLY cool being announced over a loudspeaker as he's skating onto the ice...and winning MVP... :-)