Thursday, March 13, 2008

Snow and McDonald's

Here are a few pictures from the second snow day the other week. It was snowing pretty heavily when Hagen and I got home that afternoon. It was really pretty! Hagen was fascinated just watching it come down (he was standing in the garage observing) but he didn't want to touch it or be out in it. The next day he touched some of the snow that was still lingering in the flowerbeds. Who knows, maybe it will snow the day before Easter again this year! The loud noise and "uh-oh" in the video is Hagen dropping his cookie from school onto the garage floor.

These are some shots I took when we were at McDonald's for lunch last Saturday. I was going to get a highchair and Shawn suggested we just let him sit in the booth since he sits on a regular chair at the kitchen table at home (on his knees). I guess Mommy wasn't ready for that because I honestly hadn't even thought of that. So we let him sit on his own (next to Daddy) and I had to take pictures because he looked SO grown-up. Plus he was using the apple juice box and not his sippy cup which added to the grown-upness. Shawn told Hagen "I think Mommy might cry".

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


This blog is basically just a bunch of random pictures from February. Enjoy!

This is a chair we built out of Mega Blocks for Hagen to sit on.

Shawn brought out his German hat when we went to the Bavarian Grill one night with friends. He and Hagen were dancing around the living room to "oompah" music.

Some sweet moments with Opa and Daddy.

Chasing Opa on the John Deere tractor.

Happy boy!!

I'm not sure what this means, but a lot of times lately Hagen would rather arrange his crayons than color with them. Mom said it means he's going to be an architect. :-)