Monday, May 18, 2009

Weekend in Glen Rose

We went to Glen Rose two weekends ago to celebrate Mother's Day and a VERY late Easter. These first two pictures are of Shawn showing Hagen how to use a little ruler. The other two were from breakfast the first morning with a BIG blueberry muffin.
Playing hockey with Granddad! The first picture is when the game was paused for the little hockey player to examine a bug on the ground.

Here is Mom with a boa around her neck...haha!!! It's Hagen's snake he named "Touschies".

Hagen and I were goofing around taking quick, funny pictures of each other. He took some of me but I deleted them because they were REALLY unflattering. :-)

Here is Opa sharing his ice cream cone with Hagen. We went to the new Braum's in Granbury which is really nice. Before the ice cream stop, we had dinner with Opa, including some friends from Plano that I hadn't seen in a very long time. It was a fun night!

Here are pictures from our drive through Fossil Rim in Glen Rose. It was a lot of fun and it was so cool how NOT shy the animals were! The first two pictures of Hagen helping Granddad drive were at the end of the trip.

Here is a video of Hagen driving at the end of the trip. He did amazingly well and was really concentrating on what he was doing. I just hope he's this conscientious about driving when he's 16. :-)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

This week

This is a quick post of some pictures and a funny video.
When Hagen plays hockey now, he has to take off his pants. Don't ask me why - I have no idea! I guess they're too restricting.

I took Hagen to the doctor on Tuesday because he's had a cough that got pretty bad on Monday night and kept him up, which is unusual. He has bronchiolitis again, which he had a little over a year or so ago, so we're doing the breathing treatments again for a few days. I asked him if he remembered doing this when he was little but he didn't say. I took two pictures of him yesterday because he was doing such a good job holding the mask over his face. The treatments are really helping so I'm glad. He has been sleeping fine since we started the treatment and it's helping a lot, so I'm glad. Poor pumpkin!!
Here is a video of Hagen before bedtime. Yup. When he should be "winding down" and getting ready for bed. Enjoy. :-)