Monday, December 17, 2007

I love Santa!!

I know, I am a HORRIBLE person for posting this on the internet for you all to see, but rest assured he actually did fine waiting in line (a little over an hour - not bad!) and he even waved (a tearful) "bye-bye" to Santa when we left. Shawn and I will no doubt show this to him when he's 15.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Hagen's Interpretive Dance

Here is a little clip of what Shawn and I like to refer to as Hagen's "interpretive dance". :-)

Thanksgiving 2007

Here are some more pictures from Thanksgiving. The first is Mom's beautiful centerpiece for the table (with someone in the background having a snack).

Hagen got to color with Uncle Theo. I told him he was coloring with a real professional! They had fun together. I don't remember having these giant coloring books when I was little - they are awesome!!

Hagen wanted "up" so Granddad put him on his shoulders. This was fun for about a minute until he realized how high up he was - this was taken right before the real panic started showing on his face! Yes, Granddad put him down right away.

These are pictures from when Grandmommie came to visit for a weekend. She and Hagen were reading my Audrey Hepburn book together. :-)

Here is Hagen reading with Mommy. This is one of many pictures where Mocha is in the general vicinity but out of arm's reach of Hagen.

One morning while I was getting dressed I turned around and our little monkey had climbed onto our hamper...he was quite pleased with himself!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007


Hi! Welcome to the Vorndran Family blog! I decided to try and get with the times and start keeping a website for us (mostly for Hagen...). The first two pictures are from Thanksgiving in Glen Rose. You can come visit the blog anytime and I promise I'll try to update it often! :-)