Thursday, February 12, 2009

Fun with balloons and other things

Hi! It's been awhile. Here are some random pictures from over the last month. :-)

One night our friend Mike came over to visit, and we were playing with some balloons we had. I let Hagen pick out a package of balloons one day because he loves playing with them. Anyway, we had a bunch blown up and were having fun doing science experiments with electricity. The two big boys were having just as much fun as the little boy. I love the one that's stuck to his bum.

Here is our new storage cubby thing in the living room that I bought at Lowe's to help keep things more organized. I had overheard a lady at Super Target tell her husband that storage things were cheaper at Lowe's. I thought that was impossible and that she just didn't fully appreciate the greatness of Super T, but I figured I would check it out...and she was right! It wasn't my favorite thing in the world, basically due to the color since we don't really have anything else that's white, but I do really like it because it stores everything I was trying to get contained better, so I'm happy. And Hagen can reach everything really easily so that's good.

One night, Hagen wanted Daddy to toss him on the couch so I took some action shots as they did this over and over again. It was funny and Hagen LOVED it.

After a bath...

Shawn and I had talked about getting Hagen a fish so we finally decided to do that. It turned into a bigger ordeal than I intended, but now I'm glad! I had gotten rid of a fishbowl I had a long time ago, so I was just going to get another big bowl and a betta fish. Long story short...we have a 5.5 gallon aquarium and 5 little fish. So far they've survived a day and a half so I'm hoping that's a good sign. When we pulled into the garage after getting the fish, Hagen said, "We're home, fishies!".