Thursday, April 30, 2009

First trip to the Dallas Zoo

We are officially members of the Dallas Zoo now, and we went for the first time last weekend. It was fun! Hagen seemed to really enjoy it and didn't get tired of it - even after 5 hours! Hagen told me (well, Daddy told him to tell me) he was proud of me for being brave and taking a brief peek at a gorilla (who was very far away). The pictures of Hagen by the gorilla were taken by Daddy, not me. And let me just tell you that at the entrance to their exhibit there is a sign that says to be quiet and respect the fact that you are in their habitat, and they are not in yours. So, to sum it up, "shut up and don't make any sudden movements because the gorillas will rip your arms off". See?? I don't think I'm crazy.

Okay, moving on...Hagen told me later that the crocodile was his favorite thing at the zoo. He also liked the parrot at the entrance that says "hello". We are hoping to go back again this weekend with Opa.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Easter 2009

Hagen had SO much fun hunting for Easter eggs on Easter morning. I love that he gets so into it and gets so excited when he finds an egg. It was fun. He even looked under the couch - he was very thorough!

Here are two quick videos of him finding eggs.

One night (a few nights before Easter, no less!) Daddy and Hagen found a little nest of baby bunnies in the backyard. They were SO cute. They were only around a few days and I think they've moved, but it was fun to see them. Their little nest was right under our Bradford Pear tree in the backyard.

This is his new "silly monster face". I don't know where he came up with it, but he's pretty proud of it. :-)

Hagen learns lots of songs at school, and one they learned recently was the Baby Bumblebee song. I asked him if he would sing it so I could record it. I LOVE this!!

On April 15th our office (and spouses and kids) went to Mi Cocina for our after-tax-season dinner. Hagen, Mandy and Emma had lots of fun playing outside and watching the ducks. Hagen was WIRED and just kept running in circles, falling down, and running in more circles. It was funny. Jenn and I took the kids to a movie before dinner (we saw "Monsters vs. Aliens") and I think the fruit punch he drank went straight into his bloodstream. This was the first time Hagen had been to the movie theater and he really liked it. He was so cute sitting in his chair, eating popcorn and drinking his fruit punch. It was fun. He really paid attention to the movie the whole time. We've never watched an entire movie all the way through and I thought he might lose interest, but he didn't. We were the only ones in the theater which was nice for his first experience. He and the girls could talk and comment on the movie without bothering anyone.

Daddy and Hagen enjoying a snack together before school and work.