Monday, February 4, 2008

January 2008

This is the Hagen-sized John Deere tractor that Opa and Oma bought Hagen for Christmas. That's me in the background of the second picture in the North Texas sweatshirt with my hands pulled up inside the sleeves. Of course I'm very careful about bundling Hagen up but not quite smart enough to put a jacket on myself...

Lately Hagen wants to sit at the grown-up table. He'll sit on his knees so he's higher up. Part of me is still terrified he's going to fall but I need to realize he knows what he's doing now and is perfectly capable of sitting at the table.

On January 21st my Uncle Rod and Aunt Chris from Ohio had a layover at DFW Airport on their way to Las Vegas. Hagen and I joined Mom in meeting them at the Hyatt at the airport. We had a great time!

I took this picture after Hagen ran down the hall (it was a long hall!) and gave Uncle Rod a huge hug.