Friday, October 29, 2010

Hagen "reading" a Halloween book to me

We've been reading "Inside a House That is Haunted" pretty much every night and Hagen has it memorized, for the most part. It's one of those where each previous line is repeated on the next page, with little pictures of the creatures to help. I've told Hagen it's my favorite book (the illustrator is Tedd Arnold and I love him) so we read it all the time. The last few nights he has wanted to switch roles and read it to me, and because he has it memorized, it looks like he's actually reading the book. The book makes me laugh because at the end (**SPOILER ALERT**) the Frankenstein monster opens the door to see a little boy, dressed as Frankenstein, trick or treating, and it scares all the monsters when he takes off his mask. It sends the monsters running. See...that's funny...haha.

In this video clip, courtesy of Shawn, Hagen needs a little help in a few spots, but most of the time he reads it pretty much perfectly from memory.